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Aargg, Ahoy matey!! Welcome to our 5th installment of our Get Lost series through our studio Lost n Found!

Put on your best dress with pirate garments and batten down the hatches with our pirate theme creative function.

Come celebrate life with us in Southwest Baltimore with your favorite clowns and Frick Frack Black Jack, a no trash no cash game spot!

Our event starts at 10 and goes till <3, we are a clown friendly space so if you dress as a clown you get 10 dollars off the door! 

Fly your jolly rogers and get down to 1601 Ridgely to walk the plank with us and have an amazing time.


This is a consent is mandatory space, we have a 0 tolerance policy if you are out of line or make the folks at our establishment uncomfortable. If you see something, say something.

also if you have any issue with entry and the ticket price we will talk it out with you to make sure you can still get in and enjoy the space :) we wont turn anyone away.

General Terms

All items are non-refundable, all sales are final.

Refund Policy

All items are non-refundable under any circumstances.