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NEXUS Warehouse is an Underground School & Creation Playground for Hueman Heartists 

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2 Stages (1 Indoor Stage + 1 Outdoor ArtBus Stage)

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$15 PRESALE / $20 DAY OF




LOVE IS INFINITE in motion existing in the far beyond starry landscape our origin of light sparks the Hueman. This realm of absolute light holds a healing space to harness the true way our hue-man is meant to be. 


The hue-man with all its endless possibilities- creating through the magik of imagination! We are here to awaken, inspire, & to celebrate being alive through what we leave behind in our lives- our creations, our stories, our memories. We are here to evolve into our highest state of being. Experience this simultaneous collaboration & meeting of minds! May there be sustenance for the vision of this hueman dream.




If you go to Bars, you’re in bars. If you go to Clubs, you’re getting clubbed. If you go to events, your ego is venting! We call this a HAPPENING! 





For this Happening, Theme is Mystik Meadow, so all Kreatures Mystikal and Nature Related. We celebrate Springtime, the blossoming birth out of Ether and Mysterious Winter- like the contemplation of a Self Reflective state to the wildnerness of Raw Expression! The wide variety of Life's forms showcases the innate creativity of individuality and elemental family. Play with the Faery Sprites, dancing in the wind as Sirens sing you Home to an Enchanting Land where all veils have been lifted! See this vast array of Magikal Beings leave you with Inspiring Awe for this Cosmic Epiphany! What a sight to behold!


We encourage CostumeZ! Bring your weirdest self to get silly! No Judgments Here.













Moon Show


Moth Bite



Ghost Modern






Mr n Mrs 721


SRA Beats


More TBA!


卂尺ㄒ 乃ㄩ丂


Trollala Trolley (Caravan Lounge)


UFORIA Bus (DJ Stage / Blacklight Lounge)


匚丨尺匚ㄩ丂 卂匚ㄒ丂


XZanthia Octoshroom (Costumed SpecialFX)


Alyssa Talner (Aerial Contortionism)


Cool Coquina (Stiltwalker)


Renegade Acro (Acrobatic Duo)


Entity Sam (Puppets / Mermaid) 


Lizzy Link of ArisenRoses (Aerial)





ㄥ丨ᐯ乇 卩卂丨几ㄒ乇尺丂



Zen Zaahir


Blake Emory



千丨尺乇 / ㄥ乇ᗪ


Billy Light (Fire Poi)


Vinny Perez (Fire Poi)



CJ Curry (Fire Staff)


Strawberry Flows (Fire Hoop)


Michaela Hearts (Fire Fans)


Ravan Ann (Fire Staff)


Entity Sam (LED Isis Wings) 


Brittany Spurlin (Fire Fans) 


More TBA!



卂尺ㄒ 丨几丂ㄒ卂ㄥㄥ丂


Entity Sam "NeXus Founder" (UV Web // Moving Mirage Portal // Dragon Puppet) 


Big Metal Puppets (Dr. K from Loveburn)


Enhance Art (Giant LED Mario Star)


Raauthentic Creations (Pachamama Altar)


Projection Mapping 


Chris Dyer Art / Merch for sale


 More TBA!





Entity Sam (Throat Singing / Shruti Drone / Crystal + Metal Singing Bowls / Tuning Forks) 


Penny Lane (Psychedelic Yoga)


Ravan Ann (Henna) 


More TBA!



Brittany Spurlin (UV Body Painting/ Polaroids) 


Entity Sam (Merry Prankster Dragonfly from THE FURTHUR BUS Secret Pranks // Dreamcatcher Carnival Game // Rainbow Parachute)

More TBA!



千ㄖㄖᗪ / ᗪ尺丨几Ҝ丂


Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free Options Available & Drinks

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